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Studio Schedules


Fall Schedule

Mondays 0730-0830
Good Morning Flow with Louise
Tuesdays 1900-2000
Embodied Heart Breathwork with Nicole
Wednesdays 0730-0830
Unlock Your Hips and Low Back with Alex
Wednesdays 1900-2000
Pilates with Debbie
Fridays 1730-1830
Rebalance and Restore Yoga with Mary
Sundays 1700-1800
Yoga for Shredders with Louise
Sundays 1830-1930
Collective Karma Class with Rotating Instructors
*PWYC or by donation*

Studio Fees and Info


Single Class Pass - $20
Unlimited Monthly Membership - $140
10 Class pass - $180
*Class Pass valid for 1 year

or call 1-250-999-9340 to purchase a
Class Pass or Membership


Class Descriptions



In ESSENTRICS, the muscles are lengthened while they are being strengthened, which pulls the joints apart and decompresses them. Essentrics is known to relieve joint pain and prevent injury as it simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all 650 muscles. This is low impact full body class.


A series of mat exerises for an all body workout, building long lean muscles by using your own body weight for resistance. Although the focus will primarily be on strenghtening the pelvic floor and core muscles, we will do movements to condition the entire body. Pilates is known to improve posture, alignment, flexibility and restore balance in the body. Suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.



We offer a variety of styles of yoga depending on the instructor and their experience and passion. 
Hatha Yoga 
Rebalance and Restore Yoga
Mobility and Stability  
Intentional and Morning Flow
Yoga for Athletic Repair
Yoga for Shredders
Unlock your Hip and Lumbar


ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire), or more easily translated to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching, is a revolutionary technique created by World renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy VOYER. ELDOAs are postural self-normalising techniques designed for widening the space within a chosen articulation. This is accomplished by creating fascial tension to fix the vertebra below and contraction in extreme range to normalise the vertebra above the targeted disc. Dr. VOYER developed an ELDOA exercise for every articulation in the spine starting at the base of the skull and ending with the sacro-illiac joint. It is possible to create more room in a particular articulation with an exact position adapted to each person. ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques. ELDOA exercises, when done on a regular basis, can help strengthen your spine!


Embodied Heart Breathwork

Breathwork is a gentle meditative practice that uses consciously connected breathing to support healing and transformation. Using meditation, breathwork, and music we will journey within, breathing ourselves back to wholeness.
Facilitated by Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Nicole Du Vent

Qi Gong

Spring Forest Qigong is a gentle moving meditation practice. This style is simple to learn, and yet very powerful to heal through calming, grounding and balancing your energy systems. You will be guided to use the elements of breath, visualization, movement and sound to achieve a peaceful, yet energized, state of being. This class is accessible to all (new and experienced). In addition, this class can be done standing, seated or lying down.

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